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Steinberg Smart Click

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Steinberg gave a room of trainees a bit of space to create their own product. Smart Click, the clumsily named metronome app is the fully realised result of the project – and it looks pretty smart for a click.

I mean, it’s a metronome running on your phone. There’s not a whole lot you can say about it but Steinberg have managed to come up with an entire webpage devoted to it. It’s cool and everything, has an “accurate metronome engine” – basic requirement really. If you didn’t get it to keep time then you really need to rethink what you’re teaching these trainees.

It’s “easy-to-use” which is a relief because getting a click out of most bits of software is a real trial… except it isn’t. You can stay in time “wherever you are” because, thankfully, it doesn’t require an atomic clock attachment. It also doesn’t lose time when you move your phone – awesome! It says here you can even carry it in your pocket!

It has a “Virtual Assistant” which sounds really interesting. I think they’re using the term “virtual” to indicate that it doesn’t exist because I can’t find out anything about this feature. It’s not even in the 5 page manual (5 pages! It’s a metronome!). You can enter the BPM by tapping it, entering in on a keypad or turning a dial – that’s innovation at work.

If you get stuck generating a steady click from your Smart Click app you can always head over to the dedicated support forum.

Looks great, it’s free, works on an iPhone and goes click. I do love that Steinberg are doing creative things with their trainee programme. Maybe great things are just around the corner. I can’t believe there’s no instructional video on this thing.

For more information about this revolutionary app go here, or if you prefer your metronomes a bit more exciting then check this out.

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