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Acoustica Nightlife  ·  Source: screenshot

Acoustica is the home of the surprisingly feature laden Mixcraft multi-track recording studio. Mixcraft comes packed with up to 20 virtual instruments depending on the version and you’d expect any new content to become part of that bundle. But instead Acoustica have made the decision to release their brand new Nightlife VST instrument for free, for everybody. All they are after is your email address and one of those terribly annoying passwords where you have to have an uppercase letter and a special character.

Nightlife is possibly the brain child of German DJ JayFrog as it has his name on the bottom and he talks about it as the first JayFrog plug-in, although his level of involvement is not exactly clear. Suffice to say that this is aimed at the EDM, club and DJ genre although I’ve never seen the point of being so specific about such things. It reminds me greatly of the Novation V-Station and I feel it has a sound quality to match.

Let’s look at the specs: It has three oscillators with sync, ring mod and FM; two filters with fifteen filter types; a very on-trend modulation matrix; a decimator section; three LFO’s and a dedicated effects LFO which gives you control over the EQ, chorus, phaser, delay and reverb. Then there’s some more interesting stuff. There’s a bunch of five sequencer grids of 32 steps for creating beat-synced patterns that can be routed to all sorts of places. And there’s a Vowel Filter which lets you create vocal-like timbres that can be modulated via a bouncing ball on an XY vector controller. The interface is clear and easy to use, the preset panel text isn’t particularly clear but the 150 or so presets give a good indication of what it can do and even gives you some pure waveforms to start from. It all adds up to a pretty featured synth for the price of your email address.

Nightlife is a 32-bit VST plug-in for Windows.

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