Kennis Russell Fender Squier fake guitar

Kennis Russell shows you how to avoid a fake Fender.  ·  Source: Kennis Russell /YouTube

YouTuber Kennis Russel has discovered a Fender Stratocaster in a music store – which is actually a Squier. In his video, he then goes on to explain what you should pay attention to when buying. Hopefully, this will ensure that really get the guitar you thought you were buying – and not a cheap copy!

Faked guitars are generally not a problem with new purchases, at least if you’re at a proper Fender dealer. But if you buy some used items, you should pay attention to certain points on the guitar. The example in the video below is only useful when it comes to Squiers who want to be Fenders. There are also other copies out there which are supposedly from Leo’s company but were never made in the USA, let alone California!

Other things to look out for are cheap machine heads, bridge saddles usually made of poorly chromed, cheap metal and also poor fret work, with sharp fret ends.

You can usually tell if a guitar is overly heavy as well, as the cheaper ‘knock offs’ tend to use heavy cheap wood or sometimes even plywood. There were lots of nasty plywood Stratocasters knocking around when I was a kid. Miss- spelt words on headstocks and poorly punched metal logos or serial numbers on neck plates are also a sure sign that something is amiss.

Online auctions

There are lots of fakes around online, so you can use these tips to avoid those, too. Ask for good quality photos before you bid and check out all the basics first. It might save yourself some money. Use Paypal and always pay the fees, never send money direct to a bank account – Paypal will cover you if you pay using their system.

Hopefully, Kennis Russell’s little video will help you to avoid fake Fenders, so if you enjoyed it go over to his Youtube channel and give him the thumbs up!

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