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Since acquiring the old Sony audio and video editing apps, MAGIX has been doing a pretty good job looking after them. SoundForge, fondly remembered by many budding producers from the mid-90s and early 00s, has now become Soundforge 13 Pro Suite. News are aplenty and here’s the brief.


Aside from technicalities like ARA2 support, upgraded VST engine, and customizable GUI, the content-heavy update brings a new collection of effects and plug-ins, the inclusion of Melodyne Essential pitch correction, and Steinberg’s SpectraLayers Pro 6 audio repair and restoration suite. Fully integrated via ARA, the latter is a big focus in version 13 with its spectral editing facilities which include Spectral Casting and Molding, and noise print-based noise reduction.

New in version 13 Pro Suite

The user interface is now customizable with four hues. It also features redesigned icons and dock. Improvements to the VST engine promise increased stability and speed with plug-ins, as well as ARA2 support. Visualization and metering are enhanced with an update to Peak Meter V2 and a new oscilloscope. Finally, the new coreFX Suite gets a firm grip on mastering with the inclusion of two compressors, limiter, expander, gate, and the VolumeFormer.

Third-party content and MAGIX effects

While Melodyne Essential and iZotope’s Ozone 8 Elements and RX 7 Elements likely need no introduction to seasoned producers, the other, less-known content is worth having a look at. VariVerb 2 stretches between classic, modern and artificial reverbs with the option of designing your own without the aid of impulse responses. The Vintage Effects Suite includes tape echo, modulation, chorus, filtering, and flanger effects by the means of Corvex, Ecox, and Filtox. There’s also the Vandal guitar and bass virtual amp and effects suite which accomplishes a complete guitar effect signal chain.

Handling sample rates up to 768kHz and with a 64-bit audio engine humming behind the front end, I’d say SoundForge 13 Pro Suite is a comprehensive audio production and restoration package aimed at professionals. With esteemed third-party products filling in whatever gaps there were in the mastering, pitch correction and spectral editing departments alongside a feature-rich audio editor, MAGIX keeps SoundForge going for another generation of audio pros.

Price and availability

Soundforge 13 Pro Suite is available as a one-time purchase of USD 600 (new purchase) or USD 300 (upgrade). A free trial version is available as well. The software works on modern Windows and Mac computers.

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