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Soundforce Samples

Soundforce Samples  ·  Source: Soundforce


Samples is a simple 4HP Eurorack module that features 6 sounds sampled from the Roland TR-808 drum machine. You’ll not find Kick and Snare here this is purely the percussion end to mix things up a bit.



You may automatically assume that any sampling of the TR-808 drum machine would involve lots of focus on that Kick drum and snare complete with tuning options, distortion, decay and such like. Well, that’s not what Samples is about. This is about those other sounds that fill in all the gaps around your kicks and snares and that makes this a much simpler and possibly more useful module. You should probably pair the Samples with the 808 Kick and 808 Snare DIY modules that Soundforce also make.

The 6 channels are Claves, Rimshot, Maracas, Handclap, Cowbell and Closed Hi-Hat. And actually you don’t usually get to have Claves and Rimshot at the same time on the 808 or Handclap and Maracas as they toggle between them on the same channel. So there’s some possibility here for some rhythmic noise combinations that you wouldn’t normally hear.

For each channel you’ve got a trigger input and an output. There’s no mixing or tuning or decay options, you can’t swap out samples or CV control anything other than the triggering of the one-shot sample – couldn’t be simpler. The samples are stored on the STM32F405 chip and are all ready to go out of the box. There’s plenty of room for processing and messing with the sounds via audio rate triggering or post-processing. Check out Divkid’s demo video below for more about that sort of zaniness.


At €119 Samples is a simple solution to your lack of percussive sounds and is an easy way to give your Eurorack that 808 flavour.

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Soundforce Samples

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