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SoundBridge free DAW

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One would think there’s not much room left for any new DAWs in a market that’s not only saturated with options, but also has every possible niche dominated by long-standing software like ProTools, Logic Pro, Live, Cubase, FL Studio and such. But the makers of a new DAW named SoundBridge seem ebnt on proving that the power of added value is never to be underestimated.


Look at what SoundBridge is doing – a team of musicians and audio engineers spent the last year working hard to develop a complete Music Production Suite – not just a DAW and a bunch of loops and plugins, but the complete package that also includes an entire course to teach music theory, production, and the SoundBridge DAW’s ropes.

Obviously, the team has their hearts in the right place. Many budding and intermediate producers focus too much on software and gear, spending recklessly on hardware, amassing hundreds of plug-ins that end up gathering digital dust, and emulating/ripping off their favourite artists’ sounds. Few seek to advance their skills with actual knowledge, learning their tools in and out to make the most of them and create an unique identity. This is what separates the men from boys, so to speak, in the music game.

SoundBridge Free DAW Windows MacCourse work

If the course is any good – and it should be, for a project this ambitious – this stuff is priceless. A well-organized and -presented course in music production can be a literal goldmine for producers struggling to find their feet in the vast ocean of information available online. Most of it is spotty at best, with the good bits scattered here in all sorts of places. Meanwhile, subscribing to revered online “music schools” like Point Blank, ADSR, Groove3 and such might not be an option for everybody, due to time or financial reasons.


As for the DAW itself, SoundBridge is allegedly designed with mobility, connectivity, and ease of use in mind. So it might not be your typical “simulate a studio” DAW, which sounds like a refreshing approach – and it’s worked wonders for the likes of Ableton Live and FL Studio. The interface is compatible with high-resolution screens and has 5 colour schemes, while the functionality on offer includes channel strip and plug-in presets, a swing tool, advanced routing, automation, randomizers, and plenty more.

Online Collaboration

Judging by the info available, this doesn’t seem to be an “amateur DAW” to learn on, either – SoundBridge is shooting for the top tier. Additionally, the software features an online collaboration engine to let you connect with an unlimited number of collaborators per project. This means your “collab, bro?!” impulses will be covered as well!

SoundBridge’s pitch is simple and compelling – the fully-featured DAW will be completely free, forever. Backing their Kickstarter project or purchasing the courses to go along with it is a separate option if you want to sponsor the project or get to grips with the software more easily. The team is busking towards a June 2017 launch date.

More information is available here.

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SoundBridge free DAW

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2 responses to “SoundBridge: a new completely free DAW now on Kickstarter”

    Jim Tracey says:

    Soundbridge is pretty cool, I’ve watched the evolution of it since it was called Lumit and bought it before it was free. Designed from the ground up for touchscreen interfaces as well. Support this Kickstarter, these guys are really rethinking how music can be made and recorded.

    Clem Siebert says:

    The collaboration features separate this from other DAWs. Modern thinking. I’m enjoying the educational material, something that no other system offers. You actually can learn basics to advanced usage of tools that can apply to any system in general.

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