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MixPre 10M by Sound Devices

The MixPre 10M is a musicians-first interface  ·  Source: Sound Devices

Sound Devices MixPre 10M

 ·  Source: Sound Devices


Manufacturer Sound Devices has announced a new addition to its MixPre series of audio interface/portable recorder hybrids — the MixPre-10M. A musician-focused device, it lets users record and mix up to 12 audio tracks simultaneously. There’s also a built-in metronome, as well as reverb and a “vocal air” effect accomplished via pre-set EQ and compression. The recorder has record punch-in/out capabilities and the option to specify cue points.


The MixPre-10M comes with eight proprietary Kashmir mic preamps with discrete Class-A front ends and analogue limiters. This is a considerable upgrade over recorders with integrated circuitry (chip-based) preamps in terms of sound quality. With 96dB of gain, these pres can handle virtually any mic and boast low-cut filters to get rid of buildups.

The built-in limiters exist with the idea of helping musicians record without worrying about clipping the preamps with excess gain. Additionally, there’s a 3.5mm 2-channel Aux/Mic input for added versatility.

In terms of outputs, there are two balanced outs, two unbalanced outs, and a stereo headphone output. A routing system lets users link inputs to channel knobs or select the metronome as an input and record it onto a separate track, for example.

Control over the unit is established through a combination of touchscreen, transport joystick, and front panel knobs. The latter are linked to parameters like mix levels, pan, solo, mute, reverb, and air. Very modern and handsy as well!


Recording is performed using an SD card with the option of automatically copying data onto a traditional USB thumb drive or streaming recorded audio over USB into your computer. The MixPre-10M offers enough functionality to create a basic multi-tracked mix and fire it off to other band members or share it on the internet.

The MixPre-10M is rugged, made of die-cast aluminum, and runs on AC power, external battery power, AA and li-ion batteries. The varied battery support is very interesting and definitely something you won’t find on most interfaces, if any.

Overall, the unit is a serious piece of kit. The build, hands-on control, touchscreen, discrete preamps and connectivity are fairly impressive. It’s a thoughtfully-designed device that comes off as versatile and flexible, especially considering the recording and mixing options it gives to users. We asked Sound Devices for price and availability information and we will update the post with it if we hear back.

Update: The list price is $1499 US.  MixPre-10M is available to order now from Sound Devices’ authorized resellers/distributors, and is expected to ship later this month.

More Information

Check out the official product page for more.

Sound Devices MixPre 10M

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