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Sontronics Corona

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British manufacturer Sontronics has unveiled an interesting dynamic microphone, the Corona. Designed for stage and studio use, it has a tight super-cardioid polar pattern. Developed for use with vocals, its maker says it can give good results on pretty much all instruments.


Yes, the Corona has some stand-out Art Deco-inspired retro styling. But Sontronics also makes a range of bold claims about this mic: the excellent presence and depth, detailed sound across the full frequency range, and best-in-class off-axis rejection. The manufacturer goes as far as to suggest that the microphone needs no EQ which, in the end, is up to you to decide. But it’s a bold claim nonetheless.

The Corona was developed following the release of the HALO dynamic microphone (2011) for guitar amps. Sontronics says that people asked them whether that design is suitable for vocals, which turned out to not be the case as the HALO’s frequency response is tailored for guitar speakers. We think we saw one of these, or at least a mic of the same style, in the new Solo: A Star Wars Story movie – right in the beginning of the bar scene.

As part of the company’s marketing for this mic, Sontronics founder Trevor Coley explains that the Corona uses the same supercardioid capsule as its SOLO handheld microphone, with a reworked retro-inspired housing borrowed from the HALO and upgraded with more detail, as well as better equipped for on-stage vocal use.

The microphone ships in a hard-shell flightcase to protect it from wear and tear and is covered by the company’s Lifetime Warranty. The mic is reasonably affordable, too, at 229 GBP / 260 EUR in Europe.

Other than the Sontronics HALO, we couldn’t find any other circular-style professional microphones to compare the Corona to, but feel free to chime in if you know any alternatives. What do you think of the Corona?

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