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Sontronics Podcast Pro

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British microphone maker Sontronics announced its new Podcast Pro microphone at NAMM. Made in black and red, the microphone is designed for spoken word applications and features a tight supercardioid pickup pattern. Its purpose is capturing your voice while rejecting sound from the sides. So if there are several people in the room, your mic will only pick up your voice.

Sontronics Podcast Pro

Also of note are the internal baffling, three layers of acoustic protection and integrated pop filter. Additionally, Sontronics claims there’s zero EQ needed for a professional-sounding, broadcast-quality result with this microphone. In other words, you’ll sound like a host from the get-go. Maybe throw in some APHEX Exciter type processing to really get that voice pumping, and that’s it!

For GBP 99, which is the street price, the Podcast Pro looks like a superb broadcast mic indeed. It’s available for pre-order now from Sontronics dealers.

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