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Sonicwear ELZ-1

Sonicwear ELZ-1  ·  Source: Sonicwear

Sonicwear ELZ-1

Sonicwear ELZ-1  ·  Source: Sonicwear

Fresh in from Japan is the ELZ-1 Gadget Synth from Sonicware. It reports to contain 5 different forms of synthesis all wrapped in a neat battery powered case with push button 3-octave keyboard and integrated speaker.


The 5 forms of synthesis include FM, 8-bit, Waveform DNA Extraction, Granular and regular subtractive synthesis in standard and lo-fi versions. The FM has 4 operators and includes 31 algorithms and controls over feedback and detune. The 8-bit engine has the ability to edit waveforms and can morph between them. The “DNA Extraction” pulls waveforms from audio files while the “SiGrinder” is all about the granular. The regular subtractive synthesis starts off with sine, triangle, saw and pulse waveforms.

From there the ELZ-1 contains an ADSR envelope, multi-mode filter and EQ and an arpeggiator. It also has a shed load of effects including overdrive/distortion, chorus, vibrato, phaser, delay, reverb, tremolo and auto-pan.

The majority of the editing appears to be done through the bright little screen in the middle. It does look a little menu driven although there are a handful of knobs on the front panel and waveform select buttons.

There’s no news on pricing or availability at this time but we know that it’s still in development. Assuming the price is right it looks like a fun device. Will it make its way outside of Japan though? We’ll have to wait and see.

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Sonicware website.


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