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Soma Labs Quantum Ocean

Soma Labs Quantum Ocean  ·  Source: Soma Labs


Soma Labs has turned their attention to the inner spaces of perception and is exploring new states of consciousness. The Quantum Ocean embodies electro-shamanistic ritual as a living audio icon of chaos.


Quantum Ocean

If you’ve been following Vlad Kreimer and the Soma Laboratory team for a while you already know that they follow a unique path in terms of aesthetics, technology and the creation of instruments. Quantum Ocean appears to be the most direct outpouring of Vlad’s connection to the cosmos, to consciousness and 21st-century spirituality. Usually, this results in fascinating instruments and synthesizers like the Lyra-8, The Pipe or the Pulsar-23 but this time they’ve produced a device they call electro-esoteric and electro-spiritual and is designed to tap into our natural chaotic processes at the quantum level.

Here’s how Vlad describes it:

The name “Quantum Ocean” points to the base phenomenon of the Universe that can be called Chaos, and which is observed in its purest state on the quantum level of matter structure. I gave this name to the project because all real effects that were discovered during these experiments were connected with different kinds of natural chaotic processes. Little by little I realized that here we have an important secret key and I started to explore this direction intensively.

Soma Labs Quantum Ocean

Soma Labs Quantum Ocean

And so we have the Quantum Ocean, an analogue electrical device which is a generator of binaural noise designed to be the basis for ritualistic explorations using described psycho techniques. When you turn it on it takes about 40 seconds to sort itself out before lighting the “Ready” LED. At the top are “Sensitive” pads which can use to tune to various objects. Start with your fingers and the weak electrical charges will affect the quantum processes inside and change the structure of the sound. So as you focus on certain objects, people or events this will change your inner state through the fluctuations in the quantum process. This then tunes you into that process and deepens the experience.

The “Transmitting” pads at the bottom are used to experience the electrical output through your fingers giving you sensations during the exercise.


The idea is then to follow one of the exercises described in the downloadable Quantum Ocean book which take you through simple relaxation and contemplation techniques and then start to guide you in ways to use the device in your daily meditations.

This is an extraordinary thing. Vlad says it’s not really a product but more of an invitation to experiment, to embark on a journey and access states of mind that few have been able to experience. I’d recommend downloading the 56-page book to get an idea of the concepts and experimental nature of the box.

Quantum Ocean is available now for €150.

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Soma Labs Quantum Ocean

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