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SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 Utilities

SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 Utilities  ·  Source: Sonic State


SOMA Labs has an expander box for the Pulsar-23 drum machine coming soon that’s packed with modular utilities that you can use with anything you like.


Pulsar-23 Utilities

It’s not on the SOMA Labs website yet, but Sonic State presented the product in a video (below) from their recent visit to Soma Sound Machines in Warsaw.

Pulsar-23 Utilities is a standalone device that’s designed to bring additional modules to the Pulsar-23 drum machine. But you can patch it into anything you like. It has triggers, attenuators, a number of different VCAs, wave shaping and a bunch of sensors for exploring modulations.

What’s interesting for people who don’t own the Pulsar-23 is that the patching system uses posts and crocodile clips. But then creativity always comes from difference. Fortunately, there is a 5-channel Eurorack-to-Post converter module built in.

Intriguing VCAs

The VCAs are particularly intriguing. You’ve got a Clipping Amp, Linear Amp, and a Diode VCA as options across the front. They are based on characterful and antiquated amplifier technology, which will add many different flavours. You’ll find these useful for adapting the Pulsar-23 to different sorts of devices for feedback and mixing.


The bottom half houses a lot of sensors and ways of interacting. There are photoresistors for hand-waving modulations. Touch buttons measure your body’s conductivity to produce voltages and trigger strips for getting things moving.

SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 Utilities

Vlad and Nick with the Utilities

Lots to play with

Undoubtedly Pulsar-23 Utilities has a lot going on and could be helpful in all sorts of interesting places. I like the concept of a modular box that’s not in a Eurorack case; it widens the appeal and feels less constrained.

I’m looking forward to seeing this in action, and it should be available in a couple of months.

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  • Vlad and Nick with the Utilities: Sonic State
SOMA Labs Pulsar-23 Utilities

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