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Solid Gold FX 76 Plus Octa Fuzz pedal

Solid Gold FX 76 Plus Octa Fuzz pedal  ·  Source: Solid Gold FX

Solid Gold FX’s new 76 Plus Octa-Fuzz can achieve filthy fuzz tones and wah-like sweeps either via an external pedal or using its internal LFOs. Flexible with plenty of interesting sounds on tap, this thing could be a winner.

Solid Gold FX 76 Plus Octa-Fuzz

This pedal is based on the highly coveted Japanese octa-fuzz pedals from the past like the Univox Super Fuzz , Shin-Ei Companion and Ibanez Standard Fuzz.

Basically, you get a powerful, cutting fuzz with an extra octave up. According to Solid Gold FX, this effect becomes more apparent the further you move up the fretboard.

Octa-fuzz and filters

What makes this pedal special is the integration of an independent wah-like filter. It sounds delicious! Anyone who already knows this Canadian pedal builder knows that they always like to give their creations movement and liveliness by adding some filtering into the mix. I’m more than happy with the results here – judging by the demo sounds this new pedal sounds pretty great.

The filter can either be controlled manually via expression pedal or set to run. Several modes with different shapes are available, from gentle LFO movement to trippy and synth like step sequences. This little gold fuzz pedal gives you a lot of options.

Solid Gold FX 76 Plus

Solid Gold FX 76 Plus


The 76 Plus is anything but a one-trick pony. The setting options are so versatile that in addition to 5 potentiometers Volume, Speed, Fuzz, Texture and Volume, there are four additional mini-toggle switches (Mode, Shape, Clip and Color).

What, two volume controls? No, you have not read that wrong. Volume 1 on the right controls the volume of the fuzz effect, Volume 2 on the left controls the filter output.

Check out the demo videos below. You’ll be glad you did. I was really impressed with this pedal. It could be a great addition to many a pedalboard.

RRP – USD 250

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