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Yum Audio Slap

Slap: All-in-one drum processing tool from Yum Audio and Mr. Bill  ·  Source: Yum Audio


Yum Audio has teamed up with producer Mr. Bill to create Slap – a new all-in-one drum processing plug-in that recreates Mr. Bill’s production techniques. Slap combines a transient replacement tool with a customizable multi-effect chain to create fat, slamming, punchy kick drums and snares that’ll blow your mind.


Yum Audio / Mr. Bill Slap

According to Mr. Bill, Slap is based on his signature process for creating unique, powerful drum sounds. While he spent years refining the technique, which involves layering synthesized FM sounds and samples and running them through custom effect racks, the plug-in offers all you need in one place.

One of Slap’s core features is a transient replacement tool, which allows you to swap out the attack phase of a drum for a different one. You can choose from the included transient library or import your own, and adjust the pitch, timbre, and gain to blend the elements together. Got a kick that feels just right all around, but the attack lacks a little bit of punch or bite? That’s the kind of situation where this tool comes in handy. Use the waveform graph to specify the portion of the transient you want to replace.

Six effect processors

After that comes a multi-effect chain with six processors, all of which were specifically designed for drums. You can easily change their order by dragging and dropping modules, which allows for a very flexible signal flow. Shape and Fat are dynamic processors designed to tighten and fatten the sound with just a few knob twists. Clap adds synthesized noise for extra texture and definition. Sub is obviously a sub bass generator for earth-shaking low frequencies, while Spray adds lush reverbs and sustains. Finally, Clip is a clipping module that increases the loudness without taking up more headroom. That’s a lot of drum processing power in one plug-in!

Slap also includes a few master effects like Squash, Low Cut, and Tame, as well as an overall FX Amount control. And last, but not least, one of my favorite features is the global tune control. Besides tuning drum itself, it applies frequency shifting to adjust all processes within the plug-in accordingly. This means that the sound you dialed in stays intact when you decide to change the tuning of the drum, including all dynamics, frequency adjustments, and other tweaks. Brilliant.


While the idea of an all-in-one drum processing tool certainly isn’t new, Slap seems to be right on the money in terms of what modern producers really need. By making short work of tedious tasks like transient replacement and dynamic processing, it could become your new weapon of choice for drums.

Price and compatibility

Slap by Yum Audio and Mr. Bill is now available for an introductory price of USD 89. The regular price will be USD 129.

The plug-in runs on macOS 10.11 or higher (including native support for Apple Silicon) and Windows 10 in VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

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Yum Audio Slap

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3 responses to “Slap: All-in-one drum processing tool from Yum Audio and Mr. Bill”

    Nic says:

    without wanting to offend I would define mr bill more a youtuber / teacher – with very interesting contents and techniques – than a producer

    notaboomer says:

    I have no idea who Mr. Bill is.

      MK says:

      A very technically accomplished producer of a more esoteric and experimental nature. More of a musician’s musician, if that makes sense. Of all developer and producer collabs, this is a rare case where what’s offered is actually really clever and interesting, and isn’t just a god awful Drip aberration (the same can be said for Heinbach and AudioThing collaboration; really unique sound design ideas) . However, it’s bit difficult justify the price tag of this.

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