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Sinee Audiotools Kikzilla

Sinee Audiotools Kikzilla  ·  Source: Sinee Audiotools


Kikzilla is a new plug-in by Sinee Audiotools and ISM which creates deep rumble bass lines from any kick drum track with just a few clicks. If you’re into the harder varieties of techno, Kikzilla is worth a look!


Sinee Audiotools is a new company associated with the Cologne Institute of Electronic Music and Art. Its first product was developed in collaboration with ISM (Intelligent Sounds & Music), of BazzISM and Duck Delay fame. If you’re a techno producer, Kikzilla could be a great time saver for you. Sinee Audiotools claims that it spares you the tedious process that used to be required for creating characteristic rumbling techno bass lines. Traditionally, you’d route the kick drum through a reverb and then shape it with an envelope and a bunch of other plug-ins. According to Sinee, Kikzilla does all of that with only a few clicks.

Easy rumble bass with many shaping options

The process seems simple enough. Send your bass drum to Kikzilla and dial in the desired amount of rumbling low-frequency reverb via the envelope. The damping knob allows you to filter the reverb tail. After that, you can shape the sound with distortion, a lowpass filter, and an equalizer.

Kikzilla also provides a freeze function, which lets you freeze the rumble as audio. According to Sinee Audiotools, the plug-in freezes the rumble sound of the next incoming kick. That allows you to eliminate the problem that the first hits tend to sound weaker than later ones, as the reverb takes some time to “fill up”. You can freeze a single beat or a four beat loop. A reverse function is also available. What’s more – Kikzilla even lets you drag & drop the rumble sample onto an audio track for further processing. Great idea!


Compatibility and price

Sinee Audiotools Kikzilla is available for macOS and Windows. Until July 10, you can get the plug-in for an introductory price of EUR 29, instead of EUR 39. A demo version is also available at the Sinee Audiotools website.

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Sinee Audiotools Kikzilla

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