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SineVibes Node

SineVibes Node  ·  Source: SineVibes

The magic of that Korg multi-engine custom oscillator just gets better and better with the Node 4-operator FM for Prologue, Minilogue XD and NTS-1.


Node connects 4 sine wave oscillators together in all sorts of different algorithms to give us that classic FM synthesis. There are 24 algorithms consisting of 12 base configurations plus two variations with and without a self-modulating feedback loop. You can set operator frequency ratios within a very wide range. Sine Vibes says that it can deliver nearly 90,000 possible combinations – that’s a lot of timbres!

The Node engine runs at 96kHz and uses a filter to cut out any unpleasant aliasing frequencies. You can set individual frequency ratios and detuning. The modulation engine is very flexible with both linear and exponential envelopes, LFO with multiple waveforms, sample & hold and randomisation.

I am constantly amazed at what Sine Vibes are able to do within the confines of the multi-engine custom oscillator on these Korg synths.

Node is available now for $39.

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