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I don’t feel qualified enough to write this very sad story. I only hope this mention provides some justice for whatever it’s worth.

For those that didn’t know him, Zenon was one of the very best journalists the Pro Audio and Production world had. Subsequently, he was considered one of the strongest figures in our industry who carried a mountain of knowledge. He was one of the original founders of Resolution Magazine which started out under another name many moons ago. Resolution has built up a phenomenal reputation amongst all walks of our industry from music to broadcast, live sound and film. This is mostly due to Zenon’s efforts and enthusiasm for developments in our industry. Thanks to Zenon, Resolution magazine offers one of the most professional and thorough sources of editorial content available to our sector.

Whilst I didn’t know him very well, we have been in touch over the years and we were connected via social media. Reading comments via Facebook this morning was very saddening and certainly a surprise. Many of his closer friends and industry members have been leaving their thoughts for him and his family. Although this is unofficial, initial reports suggest his life was taken short this weekend due to a cycling accident. This caused much upset and surprise as several were commenting how they were only drinking with him last week at Musikmesse.

Myself and the whole Gearnews team would like to send our condolences to his wife Susan and their two children.

Click here to visit the Resolution magazine web site.

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