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Cereal Modules

Cereal Modules  ·  Source: Cereal Instruments


New modules from Cereal Instruments give us some tasty and affordable utilities and a distortion that will Raze your audio to the ground.


Cool Utilities

Sometimes it’s the simple things that need attention in our Eurorack and Cereal Instruments has been really good at providing useful modules that solve little problems or add a different dimension to your patch.

SWERVE – A passive performance switch with 2 channels that will send inputs A and B to different destinations with a flick. It also has momentary mute switches making it very useful in performance.

BINARY – A gang of paired passive attenuators that will attenuate two signals from a single knob. It has two of these in the one module giving simple and quick control over 4 signals. Perfect to taming unwieldy LFOs.

RESOLUTION – 4 faders for 4 attenuators with precision control. Use the knobs to set the maximum level of signal and then you can surf the fader to set the exact level within that range. If nothing is plugged in it will generate voltage which is a feature I often find myself without.



While utilities are great and everything you can’t beat a good distortion. Cereal Instruments says that RAZE is a unique sounding distortion in 4HP that is capable of destroying your sound completely. They’ve not provided any sound or video evidence of that though.

It is deliciously simple. A Volume control sets the output level which may include a bit of harsh limiting depending on the other two knobs. The Raze control sets the destruction level from subtle to totally broken. 12 o’clock is the point of no return. Finally, Push sets the amount of gain pushing into the distortion circuit.

All you have then is an input and output. It would be great to see a demo at some point.

Kit or complete

Cereal Instruments can supply the modules either prebuilt or as a kit saving you a few quid in the process. Swerve is £45 kit or £60 built, Binary is £40 or £55, Resolution is £85 or £110 and Raze is £55 or £70 and are available now.

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Cereal Modules

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