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Sampleson Push

Sampleson Push  ·  Source: Sampleson

Sampleson Push

Sampleson Push  ·  Source: Sampleson

Sampleson has released a one-button synthesizer called Push. It will create a new patch every time you hit the button – it doesn’t get much simpler than that.


So does it sound any good? Not bad, not bad at all. Behind the button is a 2 oscillator polyphonic subtractive synthesizer with 5 waveforms, 6 unison voices, 4 filter types and 2 LFOs. There’s also a bit of reverb and delay to spread things around. The idea is that through the use of logic and randomness the big button should produce an infinite range of usable sounds. In many ways this sounds so much better than the usual preset surfing you have to, or at least certainly no worse.

But it’s not just down to the button. There’s an editor that you can access giving you all the usual manual control over the synthesizer. So you can completely use it like a regular synth or perhaps more interestingly you can hit the button and then start to tweak around with what it gives you. You’ll never be short of ideas or stumped for where to go next – just hit the button. You can save and recall patches so as soon as you find something you like you should save it before you hit that button again or you’ll probably never discover it again.

It’s a cool and simple idea that takes randomness and sound generation to a logical step – I hope it catches on.

Sampleson Push is completely free and works as a VST/AU plug-in or stand-alone. It even works on MacOS Catalina. Go and give it a try.

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