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Royer R-10

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Royer, the American brand that prides itself on hand-crafting ribbon microphones, announced a new model. The Royer R-10 is a passive mono ribbon microphone designed, apparently, for versatility. Aimed at both studio and live conditions, the R-10 can handle sound pressure of up to 160 dB, yet its compact size allows for flexible positioning, Royer says.


The R-10 has a 2.5-micron aluminium ribbon element and is protected by a 3-layer windscreen system with an internal shock-mounted ribbon transducer that’s able to reject electromagnetic noise. The system is said to eliminate air blasts and plosives (common recording defects when a pop shield hasn’t been applied) while also reducing the familiar “proximity effect” – a bass build-up which occurs in close mic’ed sources.

This allows for cleaner recordings when recording guitar cabinets and acoustic instruments, and the point here is to achieve a warm, vintage-type sound. While ribbon microphones are traditionally delicate, the R-10’s internal shockmount ribbon transducer isolates the ribbon element from shocks and vibrations, its maker says, providing resilience.

The R-10 also has a custom transformer with a high overload threshold. Furthermore, the open grill design is said to minimize standing waves and comb-filtering effects.

According to Royer, the R-10 is highly versatile and ideal for recording electric guitar, brass instruments, drums, room reverbation, stringed instruments, and even vocals. It probably makes for a great experimental microphone at those times you aren’t absolutely sure which of the mics at your disposal you might want to use.

Price and availability


The Royer R-10 is available now, priced at $499. It ships in a foam-lined, protective aluminium case that includes a flexible mount and protective mic sock.


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Royer R-10

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