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Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2 - System 8 Panel

Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2 - System 8 Panel  ·  Source: Roland

JUNO-60 v2

JUNO-60 v2  ·  Source: Roland

 ·  Source:


The JUNO-60 gets its v2 update as part of Roland Cloud’s ongoing version 2 rollout with improved graphics, browser and modifications.


The JUNO-60 holds a very special place in synth lover’s hearts. Many say it was the JUNO’s sweet spot in between its older brother and younger sister. The middle child is often the most adored! And now, the Roland Cloud version gets some TLC. Will it live up to the legacy of its hardware parent? Let’s have a look…

The Interface

First up, JUNO-60 v2 gets the obligatory visual upgrade. It now has gorgeous high-resolution graphics making it ideal to use with modern DAWs on big screens. The original classic look is retained but now it has a much more seamless interface. There’s also a System-8 configured front panel design.

Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2

Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2

The Browser

One criticism often levelled at Roland Cloud synths is the pretty awful patch browsers. When you look at the likes of Arturia, GForce, Cherry Audio and others, Roland Cloud’s design was struggling to be even lacklustre by comparison. So it is nice to see that someone has been listening at RC HQ. Now you are able to easily navigate the large amount of available patches with ease. Auditioning presets not only allows you to play notes but also tweak common settings to hear the effect they have. You can also rate patches and leave your own notes next to them. A clever aspect of the Tweak panel also shows you where the corresponding control is on the front panel of the synth. Handy when you maybe want to tweak further, post-selection. It’s just a more intuitive and, better still, useful extension of the plug-in.


The Mod Shop

Finally, the JUNO-60 v2 gets the Circuit Mod function that the JUPITER-8/JUNO-106/JUPITER-4 v2 update got. This feature is designed to replicate the internal trim controls of aspects of the synth that, back in the day, technicians used to bring a synth back “into spec”. Coupled with the Condition control, you can now decide whether your JUNO-60 v2 is factory-fresh or road-fatigued!

Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2 - System 8 Panel

Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2 – System 8 Panel

More Information

Roland Cloud has been very quiet of late, with no new instruments for ages (still waiting for that ACB recreation of the CR78 we just saw come out for the TR-8S, guys!) and a slow roll-out of v2 ACB updates, it’s good to see this one crossed off the list. It is also encouraging to hear that Roland is still developing ACB technology. It wasn’t that long ago that many were predicting its demise in favour of ABM. JUNO-60 v2 also comes with a bunch of new patches!

The JUNO-60 v2 update is available for free to all eligible Roland Cloud Pro & Ultimate subscribers and can be bought separately from Thomann for $149.00.

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Roland Cloud JUNO-60 Download
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Roland Cloud JUNO-60 v2

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