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Rob Papen B.I.T.

Rob Papen B.I.T.  ·  Source: Rob Papen

Rob Papen B.I.T.

Rob Papen B.I.T.  ·  Source: Rob Papen

Rob Papen’s synths are usually hybrids of analogue modelling and digital synthesis but with B.I.T. he goes back-in-time (see what he did there?) to focus on old fashioned analogue synthesis from the “good ole days”.


You get two oscillators, two filters, a couple of LFOs and an envelope per voice. No flashy wavetables or samples to be seen anywhere, this is as pure as it gets. B.I.T. is polyphonic up to 16 voices and comes with over 800 presets. You’ll also find a Noise generator, arpeggiator and an effects section which includes Chorus, Delay and Reverb.

Modulation is available via a modulation matrix which is revealed in the same space as the output waveform display. A couple of other panels are hidden away behind the oscillator waveshape displays which give access to immediate LFO and envelope controls. There are also options to modulate the first oscillator from the second creating a bit of Phase, Frequency and Ring Modulation.

It’s all quite neatly brought together and squeezed into a single window interface with Rob Papen’s famously small knobs (he won’t thank me for that!). B.I.T. is smooth, clean and straightforward. No surprises or mystery, it’s a great sounding analogue polysynth emulation with enough presets to keep you busy for months.

B.I.T. is available now on a special price of £63.80 for MacOS or Windows.

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