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Rivera Clubster Royale Recording guitar amps

Rivera Clubster Royale Recording guitar amps  ·  Source: Rivera

Rivera has just announced a new amp series. The Clubster Royale Recording guitar amps come in either head or combo formats. The amp has a few neat features that make it great for recording, so making it a viable option for a great all-around amp for guitar players.

Rivera Clubster Royale Recording

The idea is a simple yet effective one, make a high-quality boutique guitar amp and give it recording output options to thus make it easier to use in a studio setting. Available in two wattages either 25 w or 50 w, the Clubster Royale Recording model is also available as either a head or a 1×12 combo with a matching 1×12 extension speaker cab.

Both models are valve based amplifiers using EL34  in the 50-w model or 6V6 for the 25-watt version for power amp tubes, both use three 12AX7A preamp valves and they also use an Accutronics spring reverb, which is footswitchable and have a handy built-in effects loop.

Dual Channels

The Clubster Royale is a footswitchable dual channel amp with high gain lead tones on Channel One that are based on the Knucklehead amp with a three-band EQ, and a Pull for boost switch gives you that extra gain when needed. Channel Two is the rhythm channel and has a two-band EQ section with a bright switch. Rivera state that this channel is voiced like the vintage blackface amps from 1965 on their site.

Clubster Royale rear panel, with recording outs

Clubster Royale rear panel, with recording outs


What really sets these models as being better for studio use, is their rear panel which includes a whole host of handy outputs designed to make them easy to record with. There is a handy DI output, half power switch and silent recording option via an internal load that mutes the inbuilt Celestion speaker.

What I really like though is the NO EQ Out for using with Impulse Responses, so you can load up your favourite IRs into your DAW of choice, which makes this perfect for experimenting with virtual speaker tones. Plus, there are already six different speaker voicings built-in that you can access via the Voicing dial on the back. You have both balanced and unbalanced outputs, a headphone out with their own Level control.

Taking all this versatility into account make for a very well priced boutique style valve amp, especially for one made in California. This isn’t some cheap import amp built in China. But rather a hand-built boutique one, with some really great features for studio work.

I think the pricing is really very good and you are getting a lot of bang for your buck with this series.

RRP –  Head 25w GBP 1499 and 50w GBP 1599, Combo 25w GBP 1699 and 50w GBP 1799. Single 1×12 cab GBP 599

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