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Reverend Six Gun HPP with a humbucker and twin P90s  ·  Source: Reverend

After the recent release of the new Gil Parris signature model, Reverend has just announced a new guitar, the Six Gun HPP. Sporting an attention-grabbing pickups configuration of a humbucker and two P90s – all wound in-house – and with a list of nice hardware features, this guitar looks like it will get you a lot of tonal options. And while the Gil Parris model seemed a little on the pricy side, this rock guitar comes in at a very reasonable price point…


Reverend Six Gun HPP

Where the new Reverend Six Gun HPP stands out from the crowd is its unusual pickup configuration: a HA5 humbucker in the bridge and a pair of 9A5 P90s. All the pickups are made and wound by Reverend, who says that they will give a “balanced volume and tone when switching.”

The pickups are wired via a five-way blade switch, with a single volume and twin tone controls, one of which is a bass-contour control knob, giving you access to more tones. The guitar also has a treble bleed circuit, so when you roll back the volume it won’t get muddy. Reverend is also keen to point out that it uses quality 10% poly capacitors in the wiring looms, rather than cheaper ceramic capacitors; the website tells us about better tolerances. Little things, perhaps, but you do get a sense that it all adds up to a good-sounding guitar.

Reverend Six Gun HPP with a humbucker and twin P90s. Avocado Burst, Chronic Blue, Coffee Burst and Midnight Black

Reverend Six Gun HPP with a humbucker and twin P90s. Avocado Burst, Chronic Blue, Coffee Burst and Midnight Black

Reverend Build Quality

The overall guitar design is based on Reverend’s tried and trusted combination of a Korina body, with a 25.5″ scale length roasted maple bolt-on neck available with either a pau ferro or roasted maple 12″ radius fretboard, depending on what finish you decide to go for. Other hardware includes the usual Reverend standards: a Boneite nut, a Wilkinson WVS50 IIK tremolo, pin lock tuners, a 6-bolt neck join and a dual-action truss rod. We see this hardware across many Reverend guitars and they are good, solid choices. It’s that kind of detail that makes Reverend guitars appeal as a solid choice for professional musicians.

The colours available are Midnight Black, Coffee Burst, Avocado Burst and Chronic Blue, all of which look very nice. Unlike the recent Gil Parris signature model, these new Six Gun HPP models are, I think, very reasonably priced, especially with all this quality hardware and the unusual pickup configuration.

On paper, it looks like Reverend is delivering a good, solid, all-round guitar with plenty to commend. I do love a good P90 pickup, so having two could be glorious, especially combined with a decent humbucker in the bridge position. Reverend could well be on to a winner with this new model in 2021.

RRP – GBP 879

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  1. pfrf says:

    I love Reverend guitars. I’d like one of these in black or avocado, but I don’t like maple fretboards. I wish they had other finish choices. I love the sound of their pickups, their p90s are very quiet for single coils.

  2. I love jumbo frets, is that possible?

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