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Rare Waves RA-99 Grenadier

Rare Waves RA-99 Grenadier  ·  Source: Rare Waves

Rare Waves released the original Grenadier RA-9 back in 2015 and it an immediate hit with discerning enthusiasts for both its sound and its stylish and slightly unusual form factor. A new version is on the way in the shape of the RA-99 and they’ve split out the sequencer section into the 2TAC Sequencer.

Grenadier RA-99

It’s a single oscillator semi-modular monosynth that takes the quite unique design of the RA-9 and reveals more controls and takes it to new places. The uniqueness comes from the format filter bank built from 3 VCFs. The filter bank can be animated by a pair of voltage-controlled modulation sources that can operate as LFOs or envelope generators. Its sound comes from the waveshaping of the oscillator and the sub-harmonics mixed with some pink noise for added rasp and then filtered through the formants.

The modulation sections are much more defined in the RA-99 giving individual control over shape and depth for both generators. It retains the Alpha/Beta 2-axis control over the formant filter bank. There are 20 patch points giving CV control over pretty much every parameter.


The removal of the 4 step sequencer is perhaps a shame but it’s given them the opportunity to expand on the simple idea of a 4-note sequencer. The sequencer in the RA-9 was very basic but the 2TAC offers up 2 tracks with both CV/Gate and modulation outputs. You can build up 4 patterns of up to 32 steps for each track. You can chain patterns together, transpose, drop in loop points and all sorts of bits and pieces. Check out the manual on the webpage.

Rare Waves 2TAC

Rare Waves 2TAC

No news on release date or pricing as yet.

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