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With all the interest and excitement around vintage sounds and retro synths these days it’s easy for the more thrifty of us to feel a bit left behind. If you’re not able to come up with the cash for something from the Roland Boutique then consider this $15 collection of sounds taken from the vintage Roland JX-8P.

The Roland JX-8P is one of those synths that helped define an era of pop music – that era was the 1980’s and everyone loves a bit of that. So we’re talking about Nena’s 99 Red Balloons, George Michael’s Last Christmas, it was used by Blancmange, Bronski Beat, Gary Numan, OMD and Kate Bush just to mention a few. Those lush pads and brass stabs are all over the 80’s and artists tended to stick to the presets because it was a bugger to program unless you also had the optional PG-800 controller.

Puremagnetik have not released much information about how editable or controllable the sounds are but from the looks of it you’ve got a filter, LFO and effects controls which is probably more than you could find on the real thing. The pack comes with over 470 recorded samples taking up 700MB of space and covers synth, bass, pad and lead sounds. Ableton Live enjoys macros programmings for Push, Kontakt offers an easy to edit interface and Logic X has Channel Strips ready to use. It’s not the most in-depth study of a classic synthesiser but $15 for a trip to the 80’s feels like a bit of a bargain.

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