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Nonlinear Circuits Product

Nonlinear Circuits Product  ·  Source: Nonlinear Circuits

Unimaginatively named but interestingly complex wave folding Eurorack module with a built-in fuzz inducing VCA for a bit of voltage-controlled distortion.



Nonlinear Circuits set out to make a chaos circuit but linking different nonlinear sub-circuits in series but then got sidetracked down a wave folding route and discovered that this collection of components could do some very interesting things.

Product is diode-based but uses two nonlinear stages which gives a nicely complex bit of wave folding that tends to fall apart around the edges producing a pleasing amount of noise. To continue down this road they added a VCA and fuzz circuit so that the third stage output of the wavefolder goes to the switching pin of the VCA input and the main input of the wavefolder goes to the switching pin of the VCA CV input. Using the offset knob pushes it into Ring Modulation territory generating a third output which is harsher than the main out.

All in all some deliciously untidy wavefolding with voltage controlled distortion.

Product is available assembled with a black or white panel for $190 or there are various DIY options.

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