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PreSonus Presence XT Editor

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Presence XT is a decent sample based virtual instrument that comes as part of PreSonus’ Studio One DAW. It comes with a stage of library and the ability to load up Kontakt, GigaSampler, SoundFont and EXS24 format sample instrument. What was missing was any ability to create instruments from samples or edit the sample placement and layering of existing instruments. You could load a single wave file and have it play across the keyboard but you couldn’t add two and zone them or layer them. Well, now you can as PreSonus have just released the Presence XT Editor to do all those sorts of things.


Presence XT Editor unlocks the Edit page

With the Editor you can now turn what was a sample player into a potentially powerful instrument designer – or at least make playing with samples a bit more interesting. You can drag and drop in samples and then edit the mappings, layers, trigger options and all that lovely instrument building stuff. You can assign articulations to key switches and do a bit of sound shaping and also some scripting.

Apparently the scripting is very easy to use – but they always say that which is why there are so many books and tutorials on building instruments in Kontakt. It uses JavaScript which they believe is a really good thing but it should enable the more code minded among us to create realistic variations, incidental noises and expressiveness to the instruments.


Once built the instrument can be exported as a single file containing all the samples, mapping, scripts and what not to be loaded up into Presence XT. They can also be shared with other uses and password protected if you don’t want other people to pull all your hard work apart.

The Presence XT Editor is being released at the same time as the 3.2.2 update – and so after the update you’ll find it sitting in the shop. And that’s the rub – it’s not a free update, it’s a £67.26 “Extension”.

PreSonus Presence XT Editor Shop

PreSonus Presence XT Editor Shop · Source: Screen Shot

Well I guess it’s not for everybody but having to pay extra to be able to edit sounds in a sampler seems a bit mean to me.

More information about PreSonus Presence XT Editor available on the product page.

PreSonus Presence XT Editor

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