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Poly Effects Beebo

Poly Effects Beebo  ·  Source: YouTube/Ponderer Sounds

Poly Effects has just launched Beebo, a multi-modulation and synthesis pedal based on Eurorack modular synths. Not only does it include loads of modules, it’s interface and incredible tweakability will make your pedalboard sing. 

Poly Effects Beebo

Poly Effects describes Beebo as a multi-modulation pedal. It has all the standard effects like auto swell, delay, algorithmic reverb, chorus, looping delay, mono & stereo EQ, mono & stereo compressor, pan, phaser, reverse, rotary, saturator, phaser, warmth and a through-zero flanger.

However, Beebo is a more ambitious project, going beyond a seen-it-before set of guitar effects in a pedal. This unit also contains modules that include a granular texture synthesiser, a 16-model macro oscillator and more.

Poly Effects Beebo

Poly Effects Beebo with handy 5″ touch screen

Eurorack Modules

Rather than putting some sounds in a pedal for guitarists, Beebo mimics Eurorack modules and makes them available in a virtual module via the 5-inch touchscreen that you can tweak via the footswitches. These will  change a value, or set to connect up parameters to a random source, for example an LFO or an envelope follower.

Each of Beebo’s effect modules has an impressive array of controls, often providing 30-plus parameters to tweak. No, this is no ordinary multi-effects pedal. It also sports a rear-mounted USB port for importing and exporting stuff. Expect a huge library of patches and the ability to update the units firmware in the future.

A Tweaker’s Delight

Who is Beebo for? If you love tweaking your effects, you’ll enjoy the Beebo and what it offers. With MIDI support, a touchscreen interface and 4 inputs and 4 outputs this product has nearly endless possibilities for control, tweaking and routing.

Check out the demo videos below to fully appreciate what Beebo is capable of. For the money it offers an awful lot of value – takl about cramming in the features! Head on over to the company site to read the full specification of the Beebo. It’s a seriously impressive bit of kit.

RRP – USD 399

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