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Pigtronix Gate Keeper, Octava and Micro Boost

Pigtronix Gate Keeper, Octava and Micro Boost  ·  Source: Pigtronix

Pigtronix has released three new ‘micro’ editions of some of their effects just in time for Christmas. Will these little piggies be enough to make you squeal with excitement?

Octava Micro

The Octava Micro is a combination of the Distortion and Octave-Up circuits, culled from the now-discontinued Disnortion pedal. The Volume, Blend, Filter and Drive controls pretty much explain the sounds available here. The Fuzz is activated via a push button, which seems a little fiddly, especially as this pedal is so small.

It’s no Tychobrae Fuzz, but it is probably close enough. A small pedal that seems worth a punt.

RRP-USD 119.99

Gatekeeper Micro

Gatekeeper Micro is the small version of the big gatekeeper (noise gate) with J-FET circuit and with controls for Threshold and Release. The LED for mute lights up nicely when the gate kicks in, just in case you can’t hear when it’s doing its job.

RRP – USD 99

Class A Boost Micro

The Pigtronix Class A Boost Micro is “just” another shrunken version that adds up to 20 dB of clean boost to the signal. It’s based on a FET transistor and delivers a handy amount of gain in a relatively small package, so worth a go at this price, I reckon.

RRP – USD 89

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