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If you’ve been in the market for a portable PA system recently, then you’ve probably noticed the rise of the portable column array system. The Peavey P Series enters the game with two, lightweight, Bluetooth connected offerings with built-in mixers. Let’s take a look at the specs and see if these portable PA speakers have what it takes.


Peavey P Series

Without a doubt, Peavey was one of the originators of the affordable PA system for gigging musicians on a budget. Nowadays however there’s no shortage of affordable PA gear at bargain prices. Even so, we’re happy to see Peavey bringing out the P1 and P2 active column array speakers.

Both the P1 and P2 are self-powered PA speakers, offering 180 and 200 watts output respectively.  if you’re a musician on the move then you’ll no doubt appreciate the light weight (15 and 7.25 kgs) and built-in features on offer.

Integrated Mixers with Bluetooth

Around the back of these powered speakers, you’ll find a handy, built-in, three-channel mixer. Peavey has included XLR and line-level inputs on Channels One and Two. Additionally, Channel Three gives you Bluetooth connectivity as well as RCA and 1/8-inch AUX inputs.

Also onboard is a two-band EQ on each channel as well as a dedicated subwoofer output along with link inputs and outputs for connecting multiple units together.

Honest speakers at an honest price?

So, is the Peavey P Series worth a look? Undoubtedly, if you’re shopping for a portable, powered PA speaker. You’ll notice that it’s a very crowded marketplace (check out our best live gear of 2021 if you don’t believe me). However, it should be noted that there are few column array systems of this format, at this price point.

If you’re an acoustic duo, DJ or maybe even a fitness instructor or have a place of worship, then I can see the Peavey P Series as an attractive proposition. Both the P1 and P2 offer reasonable power in a lightweight package that should offer good coverage with decent connectivity.

Peavey, as a brand, always offered musicians a “blue-collar” product that did the job, with no frills, at a price you could afford. In my opinion, the Peavey P Series speakers absolutely uphold that ethos.

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