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Peavey Headline 1000 watt bass amp head XLR direct out 7 band eq optical compressor

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Peavey have  announced the new Headliner 1000 watt bass head for the European market and its a slim line, silver unit with some useful feature including a seven band EQ and built in compression. Available for sometime now in the USA, this model is now launching on this side of the pond.


So this not so ‘new’ bass head is a rack mountable one and a half units high and is designed to be used in everything from a live scenario through to recording in the studio. It features a built in XLR direct output which can be used to go straight to front of house in a live scenario or directly into your recording console / DAW input.

The onboard 7-band EQ has up to 15dB cut or boost which can be switched in or bypassed  completely using the controls on the front panel or a footswitch. The EQ range is between 40Hz and 3.2kHz so should be more than enough control for a bass.

Along with three preset tone settings that switch between Bright, Contour and Crunch. It means on paper you should be able to dial in our desired tone pretty quickly.

They also include a built in optical compressor which is designed to allow players to add some further definition and punch to their sound, again this can be completed bypassed (either via front panel or footswitch) if you prefer to use your own pedal.

Peavey have also included a switch on the front panel so you can choose the correct input level for either passive or active bass pickups. They have even included a headphone socket out.

They have incorporated their DDT speaker protection system into the Headliner. This means if it sees a signal that is clipping and could damage your speakers it will limit the output and try and retain your tone. Useful as could save you a lot of money in blown drivers.


On spec it seems like a lot of amp and with some useful features, of course we will have to hear it to confirm. Their previous incarnation of this amp was 600 watts and so the extra power could be useful in this updated version.


RRP GBP £549 footswitch not included





Peavey Headline 1000 watt bass amp head XLR direct out 7 band eq optical compressor

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