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Peavey ReValver ACT Combo Rack

Peavey ReValver ACT Combo and Rack  ·  Source:

Peavey’s new ReValver ACT software modules seek to clone your guitar amp’s tone and then allow you to take it with you anywhere, either within Peavey ReValver or integrated into the DAW of your choice.

Two modules

The software comes in two formats, Peavey ReValver ACT Combo or Rack. Each one is designed to allow you to capture and then use your amp tones in your computer, albeit with slightly different approaches and applications.


You’ll need at least a copy of ReValver, a DAW on your computer with an audio interface and at least one microphone to capture your guitar amp’s signature tone. The process involves you recording your tones via the Peavey ReValver ACT plugin and then the software will emulate what it ‘hears’.

Bit of a faff?

Well, yes and no. It isn’t exactly a quick process and you do need some reasonable equipment to capture your amp sound. However, it does mean that you can use that tone wherever you like, even when you just don’t have the option to crank up a large valve amp. You can also carry it around easily inside your laptop.


I’d urge you to check out the videos below that I have linked to, so you can get a good idea of how the system works. I really like that Peavey have made the software really cheap, making it accessible for many players. Yes, I can see it being a bit of a mission to use, but the pros of having that flexibility could outweigh all the hassle in the long run.

RRP USD $39.99  ACT Combo, USD $19.99  ACT Rack

Download ReValver ACT Combo and Rack directly from Peavey’s site here


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