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Overloud TH3 Metal and Rock collections

Overloud TH3 Metal and Rock collections, the screenshot above shows the Metal Collection.  ·  Source:

The Overloud TH3 Rock and Metal Collections are virtual tone construction environments geared respectively to classic rock or metal tones. Each includes twelve amps, cabinets, 16 effects and a variety of presets. Overloud have evidently tried here to offer a wide range of rock tones from blues rock through to hard rock. The additional Metal collection hones in on those harder and heavier styles.

Virtual Amps

The two collections are sold separately and focus on their particular genre(s). These are essentially cut-down versions of the company’s TH3 software, just with sounds geared towards purely rock and metal orientated amps, cabinets and effects. Both packs include 80 presets, 40 of which are based on famous rock or metal guitar songs. That’s actually a pretty broad spectrum within each category, so there should still be plenty of choices available. Unless you play Traditional Jazz, of course…

As well as the aforementioned 16 effects, each bundle also includes 18 microphone models. So there seems to be a decent range of virtual studio tools to play with here. The software is MIDI compatible and will run on either PC or Mac, either standalone or as a VST, RTAS, AAX64 or Audio plug-in within your DAW of choice. It also will run in both 32-bit or 64-bit hosts.


You can download a demo version of either the Overloud TH3 Rock or Metal Collections and that is probably where I would start and see if they have the sounds you require.

Overloud are also offering introductory pricing, too, with €30 off the standard pricing for a limited time. It may be worth getting that demo downloaded early and seeing if it’s for you. They do not, however, state how long this introductory pricing is valid for, which is a bit annoying.

Overloud TH3 Rock and Metal Collections RRP: EUR €69 introductory price. Normally retails for €99

Full specifications of the Overloud TH3 Rock and Metal Collections and a downloadable demo of each are available here 

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