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Output Analog Winds And Brass

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Following a tease and a dabble in carpentry, Output released a brand new instrument. It’s called Analog Brass & Winds and it’s meant to blend the sounds of wind instruments with those of synthesizers. As per usual Output form, the information on the website is mostly concerned with how amazing the instrument is and not so much with what it actually does.


We still get to learn that Output sampled an 18-piece brass section, 18-piece wind section, and “hand-selected soloists” (FIY “hand-selected” is something more appropriate for potatoes rather than qualified musicians) at Budapest’s BMC Hall. Among the many things Hungary’s capital does right is anything classical music, so without any sarcasm, that’s a great choice of location!

Glancing at the screenshots, we see five sections (Main, Edit, FX, Rhythm, Arp), a pair of samplers, and a rich amount of effects – filter, EQ, distortion, compressor, delay, and reverb. Each comes with a set of controls and modes so it will be a while before you ever run out of sound design options.

Furthermore, the source menu appears to contain a variety of orchestral, synth, and experimental recordings for you to choose from before mangling them beyond recognition. We’re pretty sure Output’s new baby is capable of some bad-ass sounds in the right hands. Remember Nine Inch Nails’ “Capital G”? Yeah, that’s what distorted brass can sound like! Then again, that’s Trent Reznor behind the computer…


Output is asking 199 USD for the product, which is usual for them and in-line with pricing for high-end Kontakt instruments. Speaking of Kontakt, owning the full version of NI’s acclaimed sampler isn’t mandatory – Analog Brass & Winds will run just fine in the free Kontakt Player. If you don’t feel like dropping 200 bux this instant, watch the video below and see if you feel more convinced.

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Output Analog Winds and Brass

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