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Orange Omec Teleport USB audio interface pedal

Orange Omec Teleport USB audio interface pedal  ·  Source: Orange


The Omec Teleport is a brand new pedal-sized USB audio interface and router made by Orange Amplification, designed to make it easier to allow guitarists and musicians to integrate digital audio into live set-ups.


Omec Teleport

The old Omec brand name is being relaunched by Orange with this interesting new product: Omec Teleport. Usefully, the pedal is rather small, with a simple layout that includes a USB port, jack inputs and outputs, a single footswitch, 9V PSU input and an LED on/off indicator.

Orange Omec Teleport USB audio interface pedal

Orange Omec Teleport USB audio interface pedal

Little Black Box

So what’s it for? It’s a dual directional audio interface/router, letting you route audio to or from your computer and into or out of your guitar rig. It can be a simple standalone audio interface or act as a way of routing your virtual software rig into your regular hardware, be that an amp or mixer. The idea looks great and the product appears at first glance to be simple to setup and use. As it can be essentially wired into anything that has a USB port, the Teleport can plug into just about any digital device with the right cable or adapter. There’s a handy built-in parallel buffer to keep things tidy.

Watch the video below to get a good overview of how the Teleport can fit into your rig. This is a very interesting and  versatile little black box, and I could easily find a use for one of these. I also  love that it so compact and seems simple to set up.

The Teleport comes bundled with IK Multimedia’s Amplitube CS software to get you going.


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Orange Omec Teleport USB audio interface pedal

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2 responses to “Orange debuts Omec Teleport, a pedal-format USB audio interface and router”

    Lambert says:

    How about a pedal that can be used to playback audi wav files for live backing tracks. Just stick in a usb drive with wav files and go!

      Unapologist says:

      Stick in a USB drive? How old fashioned is that? There are better ways already out there to achieve that, like loading the pedal with all the sounds you need etc

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