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Spellcaster Bass closeup

Spellcaster Bass closeup  ·  Source: Oneonta


The new Oneonta Stanley Clarke Spellcaster is a hybrid bass that combines elements of both bass and guitar into one very unique instrument. It’s based around a Stratocaster style body, but with four bass strings instead. It’s even got a tremolo system!


No, it isn’t a Strat

At first glance you might think that the Oneonta Stanley Clarke Spellcaster is just a standard Leo Fender designed Stratocaster with a tremolo, in a sunburst finish and three pickups. But you’d be wrong. This is not a guitar at all. According to the company:

“The Spellcaster Bass is not intended to replace your existing guitar, but instead give you more options as a player. When the time comes to play that song with a bass solo, this is what you will want in your hands.”

Oneonta Stanley Clarke Spellcaster with a trem!

Oneonta Stanley Clarke Spellcaster with a trem!

Oneonta Stanley Clarke Spellcaster

The instrument has an alder body in a three-tone sunburst finish that’s paired to a maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, a familiar five-way pickup selector, three control knobs, a trem system and a top-mounted Strat-style input jack. But that’s where the similarities to the famous S-style guitar end. The Spellcaster has a 30.5” short scale length and 25 nickel silver frets. These are some pretty unique specs. You still have three single coil pickups like a Strat, except they’re for a four string bass.

There’s also a mini-switch that you can use to engage all pickups at once, an extra tone option that you wouldn’t normally see on a Strat.

Spellcaster Bass

Spellcaster Bass

Reverse Headstock

The model features a reverse headstock design, which really is the only main departure from the Strat-style design. If anyone does buy one, please get in touch as I would love to know what you think about it. To me it looks like loads of fun to play and I would love to try one out myself one day. If you’re interested in getting one for yourself, just follow the link below.

RRP – USD 1635

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Spellcaster Bass closeup

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    Phillip Morgan says:

    Terry McInturff has been making a Spellcaster for years. He’s not happy.

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