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If the Komplete 11 release left you a little disappointed with its lack of major product updates, the next version of Native Instruments’ all-in product package could have what it takes to redeem itself. How does Massive X and Kontakt 6 sound?

They sound real, apparently, for the alleged list of new products which ship with Komplete 12 has leaked over at the official Native Instruments forum. Among the new additions are, indeed, new major versions of the Massive wavetable synthesizer and the Kontakt sampling engine, in addition to six new effects (Choral, Flair, Phasis, Freak, Bite, Dirt) and a bunch of Maschine expansions which have already been available for some time.

The source for the leak is an XML data file which was distributed together with the newest update to Native Access — the Berlin developer’s product registration and update platform. This makes for a seemingly very credible leak.

For better or worse, there’s no information about any of the new products. However, we believe Massive X will expand the synthesizer with wavetable editing and import options while Kontakt 6 will bring a GUI update which has been worked on for some time (source).

While the regular Komplete 12 is getting Massive X, Kontakt 6, TRK-01 Kick/Drum for Reaktor (instruments), Choral, Flair, and Phasis (effects), and nine Maschine expansions, Komplete 12 Ultimate adds on that with Thrill, three Session Guitarist instruments, Middle East, three more effects (Freak, Bite, Dirt), and 11 more Maschine sound expansions. Price and availability details are yet to be announced, though we are betting on a summer release.

Does Komplete 12 look kompelling? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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So where is Guitar Rig 6????????


As I have understood, Guitar Rig has been discontinued.. so no GR6 coming. I know.. tell me about it! Im sitting here with a “rig kontrol 3” amazing looking pedal, that stopped working in macOS Sierra, and will never get new drivers either! Big dump of money, right away the window! 🙁

Someone Who knows Stuff
Someone Who knows Stuff

No it hasn’t been discontinued. Don’t spread false information. Guitar Rig isn’t going anywhere. It will at some point be updated. The CEO of NI loves Guitar Rig!

Gianfranco Ragusa

I think here’s the new interface of Massive X, but just a Leak


Where did this blog come from?

Alessandro Scialotti

I see that it’s similar to the old one, except for the color…
What is “osc x”?