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Modorro NES Guitar Facebook scam

Modorro NES Guitar Facebook scam  ·  Source: Modorro

The scammers behind the infamous Modorro website are at it again. Having just tried to scam musicians by “offering” an Alphawave Tracker at a ridiculous discount, now they’re trying to fleece you with a boutique, handmade Nintendo NES guitar at 80% off. The question we’re asking ourselves is: How does Facebook let these scam artists keep getting away with placing these adverts?

Fake NES Guitar

The Modorro website first came to our attention with a scam centred on the Polyend Tracker. It’s a stylish site lisating some decor items that are allegedly for sale, alongside a bit of music gear. But make no mistake: you will never receive the items being advertised there. So far, so bad.

Here’s what I don’t understand: why does Facebook keep allowing these scams onto their social media platform? If you are some poor unsuspecting buyer, then this custom Nintendo converted into a NES guitar, or Guitendo, would seem a steal at $49. But, of course, it is a fake advert designed to make you believe that the guitar is selling for $249 normally. In fact the real Guitendo retails at closer to $500.

Scam Site offering NES Guitar

Scam Site offering NES Guitar

Fake Ads

The Facebook ads for this fake sale take you to the Modorro website, pushing what seems like an enticingly cheap price on a desirable item. What is interesting is that this site keeps advertising boutique, desirable bits of high-end music equipment for sale, rather than the usual cheap Playstation 5 or Apple iPad scams we are all used to seeing.

Modorro Facebook ad

Modorro Facebook ad for NES guitar.

Do Not Buy

The Modorro site includes an embedded YouTube video of the guitar, helping to make the page appear legit. The Rob Scallon video is actually from 2 years ago, and all the images on the Modorro scam site seem to be taken taken from the original Reverb listing for a NES guitar.

If you spot any adverts for Modorro or any other scam website, please report them to Facebook and to your local authorities. If you fancy ordering the genuine article, check out the Guitendo Facebook page using the link below.

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by Jef

8 responses to “New scam surfaces on Facebook for Nintendo NES Guitar”

  1. Jacoby says:

    If I already bought one, is there any way to get my money back?

    • Jess says:

      I also bought one. I’ve been emailing back & forth with someone names Hailey @ Modorro. They provided tracking info (finally) and told me 2-3 weeks for delivery. I’m still thinking I’ll never receive the guitar thought, considering the weight for the shipment they provided is 0.15kg (about 1/3 of a pound).

  2. Jef says:

    Its a known scam site and so you’ll never see the item. Get in touch with your bank and get your money back.

  3. Crystal says:

    I bought one from Etsy same name modorro. I didnt know and I got scammed. This sucks!

    • Jef says:

      Gutted! This is why I wrote the article, to try and help people spot these fake deals and scam sites.

      Can you make a claim with your bank ?

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