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Wisear Technology at CES:2022

Mind Control Earbuds from Wisear at CES:2022  ·  Source: Wisear


Some exciting developments from CES 2022 have really stood out in terms of innovation. Let’s take a look at two items in particular that have piqued our interest. Check out the Mind Control Earbuds from Wisear Technology, which makes use of a combination of sensors and an AI algorithm to read your brainwaves, and the Noveto N-1 Bluetooth speaker system with invisible headphone mode for a discrete uniquely earpiece-free listening experience. What are your favorite tech products from CES 2022? Let us know in the comments below.


Mind Control Music Control with Wisear Technology

Based in Paris, France, music tech startup Wisear has been hard at work developing the technology that allows your thoughts to control a smartphone’s basic music playback controls. Using specialized earbuds, the system carries out commands when you think of raising the volume, skipping to the next track, or muting the audio completely. Using sensors from the same manufacturers that created Apple’s AirPods 3 and the Bose QuietComfort earbuds, the system measures your brain activity. The system uses a method called “EarEEG” that combines an AI algorithm with the data captured by the sensors.

Following the presentation at CES 2022, Wisear is looking to partner with an earbud manufacturer to take the Mind Control system onto the commercial market. Their neuronal biosensing solution has other potential applications like controlling a walkie-talkie’s push-to-talk function and their is a world of possibilities that will open up should it be incorporated in VR/AR headsets. As to when exactly we will be skipping through playlists telepathically, only time will tell. It certainly sounds like an exciting prospect either way.

Noveto N-1 Soundbar

Noveto N-1 Invisible headphone solution

Noveto N-1 – Soundbar with Invisible Headphones

Using “Smart-beaming” technology, the Noveto N-1 creates a discrete, localized listening environment from your desktop without the use of headphones. The onboard camera then tracks the listener’s head movements, adjusting the stereo field accordingly. Astonishingly, the system will even balance itself should you tilt your head to one side. The beauty of this hyper-directional speaker technology is that those sitting next to the listener can hear only around 10 percent of the actual volume.

The Noveto N-1 will also support voice commands from Alexa or Google, and numerous sensors allow face, gesture, and sound recognition. When used in conjunction with a voice command system, the N-1 becomes like your own personal virtual assistant, allowing the control of your apps or devices. During their 2021 Kickstarter campaign, the N-1 was priced between $425 and $595 and should emerge on the market around June of this year.

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5 responses to “New audio tech at CES 2022: Mind Control Earbuds and the Noveto N-1”

  1. AI says:

    In China they already using this invasive technology to predict peoples behavior and use the results against them. If you like trans-humanism you must be willing to be totally controlled by people you have never met.

  2. Ab. says:

    There are products you know are bullshit just reading the name

    CES is really not worth making articles about : 60% of it are just false promises (either not possible outside a lab (like this crap) or plain physically not possible) and 90% of the rest will never hit the shelves anyways.

    • AI says:

      Elon Musk claims to be trying to get this type of tech FDA approved, could be all nonsense but looks pretty real to me.

      • Ab. says:

        You mean the dude who promised vacuum supersonic tubes and delivered traffic jam in a tunnel ?

        Or the one who scammed everyone with magic solar tiles that were never delivered ?

        Or the one who promised autonomous cars would be ready by 2017 ?

        Or the one who promised robot-taxis ready for 2020 ?

        Or the one who promised super cheap reusable rockets but delivered the same performance as rockets from the past few decades ?

        Musk is a compass pointing south when it comes to technologies.

  3. Mehdi Touzani says:

    Can this “headphone” manage to avoid the microphone to avoid recording it ? does it isolate you from the outside word when mixing? Does it allow to not disturb your neighbours in planes, car or metro….

    A headphone that does not fills any of the elements that makes a headphone useful ?

    Send it to Elon Musk, he will manage to find funds for this.

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