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Neural DSP Cortex Control

Neural DSP Cortex Control  ·  Source: Neural DSP


The new Neural DSP Cortex Control is officially out now, along with CorOS 2.3.0, and lets users manage every feature and setting of the Quad Cortex. 


UPDATE 04/01/24

The full version of Neural DSP’s Cortex Control is now officially available to download. The software is free for owners of the Quad Cortex and is available on MacOS and Windows platforms.

This software allows basic control, editing, and management of the Quad Cortex and simplifies the process of backing up. It is a neat way of optimising workflow and should make using the whole system a lot simpler for many users.

Neural Capture

Neural Capture · Source: Neural DSP

Neural Capture

It can also be used to do bulk actions, plus it offers streamlined importing of Impulse Responses and easy creation of Neural Captures. This is handled by allowing Cortex Control internet access via USB.

They have also added the Live Tuner feature, allowing for tuning as required.

Well worth downloading for any Quad Cortex owners and it is available for free from this link.



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CorOS 2.3.0

CorOS 2.3.0 has also been officially released along with the Cortex Control. It adds some new features and fixes some previous bugs in the system. Notable new features include MIDI Clock Out, Pinned Devices, the new Made by Me’ Filter added to the filter section, Stomp Mode Bypass Assignment, Swap Tempo and Tuner Access, Reset Menu, and Reset Settings Option.

Along with a UI overhaul of the Graphic-9 EQ which also adds the following;

  • HPF parameter value range is now OFF-500Hz.
  • Added an LPF parameter to the second tab of parameters.
  • The legacy Graphic-9 EQ device can be accessed through the Graphic-9 EQ parameter editor contextual menu.

Plus, the aforementioned bug fixes. As ever back up your system and follow the Neural DSP instructions before attempting the CorOS 2.3.0 update.

Cortex Control

Neural DSP has been teasing the Cortex Control for some time now and today it finally went into being downloadable as a Beta.

Guitar Multi Effect Quad Cortex

Quad Cortex · Source: Remise 3

Edit and more

It means Quad Cortex users can now edit, backup, share, and play with all the parameters of the virtual amp and effects floor unit.

This is what users have been asking for and it will make Quad Cortex even more accessible for new and existing users.

Neural DSP Cortex Control

Neural DSP Quad Cortex control on a computer at last · Source: Neural DSP

Internet Access

Plus, Quad Cortex can now access the internet using the USB cable it’s connected to a computer with a connection. Making it easy to share and backup patches and tones.

No more relying on just the Quad Cortex’s built-in Wi-Fi.

Neural DSP Cortex Control

Edit, organise, and share · Source: Neural DSP

Cortex Cloud

Users can also add IRs to their Quad Cortex or the Cortex Cloud profile via Cortex Control. The whole system has been designed to be easy to use and simple to navigate.

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Easy To Use and Price Drop

I would expect this new software to really open up the Quad Cortex for a lot of users and make it more appealing to any potential new owners.

Users will need to update the firmware on their Quad Cortex with the latest CorOS 2.2.0 to use the new software.

The ease of use for editing and sharing, combined with the recent price drop of the Quad Cortex itself could well be a winning combination for Neural DSP.

Users can download the new free Beta for Windows and Mac from the link below.

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Neural DSP Cortex Control

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