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Nano FONT  ·  Source: Nano


Fresh out of Spain we have the FONT Eurorack dual-mode filter from Nano designed to bring powerful basslines, FM modulation and clean resonance to your audio signal path.



FONT is a resonant filter with two simultaneous outputs. There’s a 2-pole 12dB/oct low-pass output and a 2-pole 12dB/oct band-pass output. If you push the resonance to the max then it also becomes a handy sine oscillator that tracks at 1v/oct.

Controls are nice and simple. A nice bit cutoff knob at the top, smaller resonance knob beneath and then a pair of attenuverters, one for the CV input on the cutoff and one for the CV input on the resonance. That’s a nice bit of control that every filter should have.

The look and layout is clean and fabulous. It’s not very wide, only 6HP, but it looks the business. DivKid has just released a video going through exactly what you can expect from this module like acid basslines, percussive sounds and great kick drums. At €145 it’s a decent price for a decent filter.


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