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Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT

Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT  ·  Source: Dangerous Music


Dangerous Music has announced the 2-BUS-XT Analog Summing Mixer at NAMM 2022. As the successor to the original 2-BUS-LT that started it all, the reengineered 2-BUS-XT is designed as an analog summing solution to provide analog punch and glue for DAW-based setups.


Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT

According to Dangerous Music, the new 2-BUS-XT builds on the six-layer board summing circuitry of the 2-BUS+. The manufacturer claims that this is your gateway to a high-resolution depth of field, spacious sound stage, and plenty of headroom when summing tracks and stems from your DAW. In addition, the 2-BUS+ heritage brings two custom color circuits to the 2-BUS-XT – something the predecessor didn’t offer.

Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT


The 2-BUS-XT features 16 analog inputs on two DB25 connectors. These are summed to two pairs of analog XLR outputs – one for monitoring and one for printing the mix to the DAW or another recording medium.

Along with 16 signal LEDs, the front panel offers two mono buttons for centering two pairs of inputs. According to Dangerous Music, these allow for dead-center panning of things like kick drums and vocals with a level of accuracy that DAWs cannot achieve.

Two custom color circuits

Furthermore, the 2-BUS-XT features two new color circuits designed by developer Chris Muth. According to the manufacturer, the X-Former III circuit uses specifically chosen transformers to provide 2nd order harmonics for added warmth in the lower midrange, while preserving clarity in the top end. In addition to this, there’s a Coherence circuit that enhances the harmonic content of your signals. Using the Coherence knob, you can blend this with the source mix just like you would with parallel compression. There’s also a Sum Level Trim knob.


Dangerous Music says that the 2-BUS-XT is designed to be easily expandable with other components of the Dangerous System. A pair of expansion inputs allows you to connect additional units or the 2-BUS+ to expand your channel count without sacrificing D-SUB inputs. You can also pair it with the D-BOX+ for a comprehensive monitoring solution.

Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT

The 2-BUS-XT is expandable with other units like the 2-BUS+

Price and availability

According to Dangerous Music, the first units will ship in September or October 2022. As of now, we don’t yet know the MSRP. We’ll update this post once we receive additional information.

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  • The 2-BUS-XT is expandable with other units like the 2-BUS+: Dangerous Music
Dangerous Music 2-BUS-XT

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