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Walrus Audio ACS1 pedal

Walrus Audio ACS1 pedal  ·  Source: Walrus Audio

Walrus Audio has just announced the third release in its Mako Series, following on from the new R1 Reverb pedal earlier this week. The new ACS1 Amplifier & Cab Simulator pedal has stereo in and out, onboard presets as well as MIDI support, covering a lot of bases for such a compact unit.

Walrus Audio Mako Series ACS1 Amplifier & Cab Simulator

The new Walrus Audio ACS1 pedal combines three vintage amp styles with cabinet simulation into one compact pedal. You can also run separate amp and cabinet combinations in the left and right channels, which makes it a very versatile solution for guitar rigs.

Walrus Audio ACS1

Walrus Audio ACS1

The Amps and Stereo

The amp models on offer here are: Fullerton (Fender Deluxe Reverb), London (Vintage 60’s Marshall Bluesbreaker) and Dartford (1960’s VOX AC30). That’s a tour through three classic tube amp circuits in one place, so has tones that will have you covered in many live and studio applications. When using the ACS1 in stereo, you can mix and match the amps and cabinets on the left and right channels with the L + R switch, a nice touch that makes it more appealing.

The engineers also included IRs. 6 high-quality cabinet IRs developed by Walrus Audio are included, and all 6 can also take user-loadable cab IR slots, managed via the USB port and a dedicated web app.


The ACS1 pedals controls are well laid out and simple. From the top: Bass, Mid, Treble for the EQ followed by Vol, Gain and Room. The latter controls the room size for the mic’d cabinet. Next come three sets of switches labelled Cab A, B and C, then the L+R switch for setting up your two virtual amp rigs and assigning them to each side of the stereo outs. Last comes the all-important amp selector switch labelled Fullerton, London and Dartford.

You can save and recall 3 onboard presets and up to 128 presets via MIDI. That’s a lot of space to make your own favourite presets –  great for session work and studios. Another feature I like is that it’s stereo, and that you also get a headphone output for practice or just building your patches in peace and quiet!

I’m a fan of the simple clean layout of the ACS1 pedal a lot. When you factor in the stereo flexibility it becomes a bit of a powerhouse for amp and cab simulation. That makes it appealing to session musicians and anyone that needs a good core set of classic vintage amps at their immediate disposal in a dedicated pedal.

RRP – USD 399 / GBP 365 / EUR 419

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  1. Tyler says:

    Hey guys! All six cab slots are swappable, not just three!


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