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UVI PX Memories

UVI PX Memories  ·  Source: UVI

UVI has sampled the soul out of a Lintronics LAMM modification to the Moog Memorymoog synthesizer and called it PX Memories.


Lintronics Advanced Memorymoog (LAMM) was an aftermarket modification to the Moog Memorymoog to sort out many of the problems in the original synth. It increased the reliability of the hardware, improved the MIDI implementation and redesigned the operating system. The idea was to keep the gorgeous sound while making it work in the way that it should.

This is the machine that UVI has got its microphones into.

PX Memories

Every patch has been extensively sampled in normal, unison and LAMM stereo unison modes and lets you switch seamlessly between them and even lets you play unison modes polyphonically. You can load two patches at once with full control over each layer which can then be filtered, animated and arpeggiated together for some massive sounds.

In comes in about 30GB consisting of nearly 40,000 samples that they’ve built into 352 presets covering all sorts of categories from pads basses leads, organs, polys and so much more. All of them just a starting point for your exploration.

Ultimately it’s like a Memorymoog, only better.

Sounds fabulous! I’m not a big fan of the multi-page UVI instrument interface but I’d be willing to overlook it for the quality of these samples and the days of exploration that lies within.

PX Memories is on a special introductory deal of €49.

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