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Aclam Windmiller Preamp

Aclam Windmiller Preamp  ·  Source: Aclam


The latest pedal from Aclam aims to get you that classic Pete Townsend tone. The new Windmiller Preamp is all about the guitarist’s vintage Grampian 636 unit and, if you’re a fan of The Who, is one to keep an eye out for.  


Aclam Windmiller Preamp

The new Windmiller Preamp is the latest in a series of pedals by Aclam that replicate classic guitar tones like the Cinnamon Drive and the Dr RobertThis time the company has worked on recreating the tone Pete Townsend got by using a Grampian 636. The Grampian was a studio reverb unit, but Townsend used it in conjunction with his amps to get his famous clean/fuzz tones, described as a “clear fuzz dirge.”

Grampian 636 

Original Grampian 636

Distilling the tone

Aclam has attempted to capture the sound of the Grampian, with a Marshall and using single-coil pickups, and distill it into this new preamp pedal. You can hear the results for yourself in the demo video below. The preamp has a Gain control, as you would expect, and also uses Hi-Cut and Lo-Cut knobs to help refine your tones and cop that Townsend tone within your own rig. You also get an Overload indicator on the front, so you can see when it is overloading. Funny that.

Aclam Windmiller Preamp

Aclam Windmiller Preamp

According to Aclam, you can use it as an ‘always on’ pedal, as a booster, or to further saturate and enhance your amp’s natural overdrive.


The company will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for the Windmiller Preamp soon, so we don’t have a price just yet. But it’s certainly one to watch out for if your are a fan of Pete Townsend. I’m looking forward to see what this will retail for and also hearing some reviews when it gets a full release.

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Aclam Windmiller Preamp

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