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jst howard benson vocals

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Joey Sturgis Tones finished NAMM 2020 with the addition of Howard Benson Vocals, another producer-helmed vocal chain plug-in. Knowing Mr. Benson’s productions and Sturgis’ workaholic tendencies, there’s no way this channel strip can disappoint in bringing one that little bit closer to pulling off vocals like The Howard.


Howard Benson Vocals

The chain comprises seven modules in a pre-defined configuration. These are Vocals (Power), EQ (Presence), Multiplier (Complexity), Width (Spread), Echo (Depth), Space (Dimension) and Output (Energy). Here’s more about each piece of the virtual rack:

  • Vocals (Power) is a compressor and saturator module that lets you quickly add compression, push vocals hard and add coloration with Grit and Tube Warmth controls.
  • EQ (Presence) is a semi-parametric 3-and EQ that can be set pre or post-compression. It lets you home in on specific spots or apply wider equalization for tonal shaping. An example of a musical EQ with a built-in LoFi filter for grungy effects.
  • Multiplier (Complexity) is a vocal doubler with amount and Offset controls for those times you don’t have a doubled vocal track. If it sounds half as good as the free iZotope Vocal Doubler, then it ought be brilliant!
  • Width (Spread) spreads out vocals without thinning them out. Width and Range controls determine how wide your track sounds and which part of its frequency spectrum is affected. The mono low-end switch centers the fundamental vocals in the mix, letting you widen the track with a solid foundation.
  • Echo (Depth) is a vocal-centric echo unit that can run in mono or stereo, use exact delay times, apply a LoFi filter and have the amount of repeats and level adjusted. It’s also fully automatable in your DAW.
  • Space (Dimension) is a spatial reverb that lets you close in on the vocal to make it more upfront, or make it sound large and anthemic. The Size and Amount controls are yours to tinker with.
  • Finally, Output (Energy) adds energy and excitement at the output stage with an optional Limiter, a Sweet Spot meter and the option to set levels before the rest of the effects in the chain.

Price and availability

The USD 159 bundle is available in all the usual plug-in formats for Windows and Mac computers. The purchase includes a wealth of video content, 99+ professional presets, and a written user manual. iLok License Manager is used for authorization. No demo is available, but you can hear how the plug-in sounds in the video below.


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jst howard benson vocals

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