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Fender Treadlite Wah and Volume:Expression pedals

Fender Treadlite Wah and Volume:Expression pedals  ·  Source: Fender


Following on from the recent valve powered MTG Tube Tremolo, two more effects pedals have been added to Fender’s lineup this year with the new Treadlite Wah and Volume/Expression pedals.


Fender Treadlite Wah and Volume/Expression

Both models look to me like something out of the ’70s in appearance with the ‘wood’ effect. The Treadlite name reminds me of the era as well. There’s nothing wrong with that, in fact, it sort of suits them. Both units are similar in appearance with a traditional foot treadle and control where it should be, just under the foot pedal.

Fender Treadlite Wah

The new Treadlite Wah is an original-Fender analogue circuit design, which has a switchable external buffer and a red status LED under the treadle to indicate when the pedal is active. It also has an adjustable three-way frequency selector, so you can dial in your wah sweep to taste.

Fender Treadlite Wah

Fender Treadlite Wah · Source: Fender

Treadlite Volume/Expression

The new Treadlite Volume/Expression pedal also has a status LED, just no buffer. As an expression pedal you can use this with other effects pedals as well as keyboards, making it a pretty versatile unit for working musicians.



Fender Treadlite Volume:Expression.

Fender Treadlite Volume:Expression. · Source: Fender

Pedalboard friendly

Both pedals allow you to switch the LED on or off with a little toggle switch under the treadle and use top mounted jacks, making it easy to plug in and out on a cramped pedalboard.

The street prices on both of these should be pretty good, so worth checking out.

RRP – USD 99.99 each

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Fender Treadlite Wah and Volume:Expression pedals

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