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Solar Guitar Single Cut NAMM 2019 Ola Englund 8-String

Solar Guitar Single Cut NAMM 2019  ·  Source: Solar Guitars/Facebook


That Ola Englund has been subtly putting the new Solar Guitars Single Cut in places you could spot it. Currently, it does not appear to have an official name yet, but it exists, along with a possible 8-string too!


Solar Guitars Single Cut

It doesn’t appear to exist ‘officially’ yet, but we’ve seen it in black during Ola’s recent ENGL Savage Mark 2 YouTube video demo and it has also popped up on the Solar Guitars Facebook page.

You can see the pics of it in red, which I think looks nicer than the black in many ways. There is speculation on Facebook it could turn up in blue as well.

Solar Guitar Single Cut NAMM 2019 Ola Englund 8-string red black

Solar Guitar Single Cut NAMM 2019

Solar Guitars 8-String

Then there is the matter of the potential new Solar Guitars 8-String, which you can see below being teased by Ola Englund in what looks like a hotel room. It is a super grainy photo, so you cannot really make out any important details and Ola is staying shtum. But, you can count the machine heads, so we know its an 8-string.


Solar Guitars 8-String Ola Englund

Ola Englund teases a Solar Guitars 8-String

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