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dynaudio core 7 and core 59 vertical

 ·  Source: Dynaudio

At NAMM 2019, manufacturer Dynaudio announced its new Core 7 and Core 59 reference studio monitors. Designed with professionals in mind, the Core speakers are engineered and built in Denmark with the brand’s latest advancements in acoustic technology.  Among them is the all-new Esotar Pro tweeter which upgrades the standard Dynaudio soft-dome tweeter with the new resonance-reducing Hexis technology. It is said to improve transient response, low-end legibility, stereo imaging and soundstage depth.

Likewise, the low frequency drive units implement copper voice coils and ceramic magnets for bass enhancement. Additionally, Core speakers have integrated 192kHz DSPs with both analog and digital (AES, Word Clock) audio inputs, as well as Pascal Class-D amplification. The monitors can be placed both horizontally and vertically, or mounted on all four sides with specially designed pads which fit the indentations of all four sides of the cabinet.

The Core 7 is a two-way monitor with a 7-inch woofer, while the Core 59 is a three-way monitor with a 1-inch tweeter, 5-inch midrange and 9.5-inch woofer. Their spec sheets are nearly identical, save for the significant difference in weight which is 14.7 kg (32.4 lb) for the Core 7 and 24.6 kg (54.2 lb) for the Core 59. Maximum SPL for both is rated at up to 118dB, while the upper frequency response limit is 24kHz.

Price and availability details aren’t present at the moment, but I don’t expect these Dynaudios to command anything but a premium price.

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